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5 Secrets to Successful Self Storage Projects



Mistake: Purchasing a cheap site
Secret: The location of your new storage building is a key factor to the success of the project. Purchasing a quality site on a main thoroughfare allows for more visibility, ease of access and interest from customers.


Mistake: Engaging an inexperienced design team 
Secret: It is critical that trusted design experts, with experience in storage buildings, are included on your project to ensure the best outcomes. By making small adjustments throughout the design period an experienced designer will use lateral thinking to create more leasable space, reduce construction costs & conform with legislation requirements.


Mistake: Not considering all the options to set your building apart from competitors 
Secret: Having a unique point of difference will set you apart from the crowd & enable you to secure a greater market share. Designing your new facility to have a variety of options such as climate-controlled areas, mix of indoor/outdoor units, mechanical ventilation to reduce mould & specialist storage areas will ensure you a greater chance of success.


Mistake: Ordering an ‘on sale for limited time’ steel building package
Secret: Having a bespoke designed building ensures that you get the best use of space along with the right unit mix. There are multiple components to consider in the design/engineering stage which often doesn’t lend itself to a cheap standard building package such as; ground conditions, fire codes, local authority conditions, services capacity, layouts, car parking, customer’s needs etc. Bespoke designs reduce risks & provide better long-term results.


Mistake: Stores with the lowest storage rates often have the lowest occupancy
Secret: It’s critical to ensure you are providing for your customers needs in every way including easy access, comfort, security, good hygiene, Wi-Fi, music, packaging supplies, courtesy trailer/small truck, location & layout. Having user-friendly facilities enables you to receive premium rates and retain customers.


A-Line Construction design and build premium self storage buildings that deliver excellent value for you. 

We work with you to provide a unified team approach to your project to ensure all your specific needs and requirements are captured and the best solutions are delivered. For more information click here.

Lets Talk: For any enquiries about self storage building projects, call us on 0800 002 776 or send an email to admin@alineconstruction.co.nz. We look forward to hearing from you!

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