Emerging Design and Construction Trends of Medical Facilities

Healthcare facilities are beginning to create needs-responsive environments. Innovative equipment, design techniques and technological advancements all play transformative roles in shaping medical spaces.

Designers and builders are converting traditionally clear-cut, clinical interiors into aesthetically-pleasing and positive spaces. By bridging the gap between functionality and style, medical centres improve patient satisfaction, increase employee productivity and enhance visitor comfort.

The following list includes emerging design trends in healthcare facilities that construction professionals are taking into account.

Personalised patient rooms

To reduce the anxiety level of a patient, a number of hospitals are using pre-arrival surveys to determine a patient's favourite items, food or reading materials. These extra amenities induce confidence in patients who immediately feel that they are receiving more care.

Many facilities are also incorporating communication boards and advanced digital signage within patient rooms. They personalise the display of the patient's name, the names of the doctors and nurses in charge of the patient, family photos, the latest news and more. Patients are greeted by customised messages, their favourite reading materials on the bedside table, their favourite fruits on a tray -- things that provide them with a higher sense of comfort and care. The environment turns into a more relaxing one, helping eliminate stress and anxiety.

Infection control

Hospital-associated infections have posed serious threats to medical centres and facilities are taking measures to prevent the growth of infection-causing agents. Many hospitals are incorporating furniture that is easy to clean and disinfect, such as furnishings with rounded corners and clean lines. Centres also avoid pieces that hide dirt and dust, opting for high-performance vinyl textiles and furniture with antimicrobial finishes.

Another way to create a safer environment in healthcare facilities is to include offset drains and sloping sides in showers. Specialised indigo-coloured light fixtures that kill bacteria without harming patients are also being installed.

Maximised space and room functionality

In healthcare facilities, space is at a premium. Accommodating the needs of patients, their families and hospital staff can be challenging; it's necessary to utilise the space so that patients feel comfortable and employees manage their tasks efficiently.

As a result, there is now a variety of multipurpose furniture available for hospitals to choose from. These pieces include sleeper sofas that have side tables with built-in data and electrical access, complete with storage compartments underneath for linens and pillows. There are also patient chairs that serve as recliners. These hybrid products are effective ways to increase the functionality of a patient's room, turning the areas into spacious and productive environments for the patients and staff.

Modular buildings

Modular construction is quickly becoming popular because of its ability to adapt to any budget without sacrificing quality. In the healthcare industry, modular buildings are now starting to be used in creating satellite clinics, laboratories, physician's offices, diagnostic centres, and many others. Modular construction saves time because it takes just a few short weeks to construct and it's cost-effective due to a reduction in labour costs. Additionally, it's a sustainable solution because it offers the option of installing buildings with energy-efficient sources like solar panels and geothermal systems.

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