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The Benefits of Design and Build Construction Design and build projects are used when clients want to save time by having the construction and design coordinated and managed efficiently. The design and build method allows design and construction professionals to collaborate on different projects, catering to a variety of industries.

Are you interested in the design and build process but not fully aware of its advantages? Following are some benefits of this kind of commercial construction method.

Full Accountability

The design and build approach utilises a single contract for both architecture, engineering and construction responsibilities. The design and build approach strengthens the owner’s control of the process because they have one point of contact throughout the project. Financial risk is minimised because one partner is solely responsible for the success of the project.

With design and construction being handled by one organisation, there is a single point – and perhaps, standard – for project quality, costing and timeline. The client is better able to focus on decision-making instead of coordinating with architects, builders, engineers, councils, consultants and project managers.

Additionally, the design-build method lends itself to cooperation and fosters teamwork. The relationship built during the design phase helps ensure that everything is set for a successful commercial construction project

Managed Expectations

As the design-build team works closely with their client, it can conceptualise the completed project in its planning stages. Continuous and concurrent estimation is reduced. As a result, the design and build team is better able to create a more accurate quote and cost breakdown early in the project, before significant investment is made.

Discussing the budget during the design stage instead of waiting for the bids to come in also helps keep the project within a practical budget. Since the owner is aware of the cost implications of specific design decisions, it helps the project team arrive at the final working costs. Once the scope of the project is finalised, the design and build firm can clearly define and control the total costs of the project.

Increased Collaboration

Collaboration between designers and builders is the foundation of the design-and-build model. Everyone’s input is needed and valued in the design and construction process to meet the client’s goals. Part of the responsibility of the design and build team is to meet the business leaders, department and faculty managers to discuss plans and make recommendations.

This also relieves the owner of a considerable amount of coordination burden from one phase to next. Design-bid-build projects tend to get fast-tracked with construction phased according to the design. In the design and build method, there is much closer collaboration and coordination between the designer and the construction team. This streamlined system allows effective and seamless execution between all parties.

Better Communication Lines

In the design-and-build method, specific design and construction details are developed throughout the process, keeping the focus on the client’s expectations instead of traditional finger-pointing between the architect, contractor and engineer. Working with a design professional and a construction expert at the same time helps keep communication lines open and makes sure potential problems are addressed before the project commences.

The design and build method helps promote transparency in the process of material and construction specifications. Since the designer, builder and engineer are part of the same organisation, they focus on protecting their client’s interests.

With design and build, the owner’s requirements and expectations are expressed through specific performance terms, and the design-builder is responsible for producing quality results.

High-Quality Results

Design and build firms are experts in both fields, with licensed architects that have formal architectural training and extensive experience in the industry. They also operate with construction professionals who have structural engineering expertise and understand pricing, sequencing and building arrangement.  

Design Alternatives

Having a full team in place gives you the ability to consider alternative designs. The designer will quickly identify the important design considerations and the contractor can easily price those alternatives. The design and build process also provides you with a bit of flexibility when it comes to construction methods and materials.

Faster Turnover Time

Design and build projects are completed much faster than usual projects. Bidding time is minimised, project scheduling can commence early, and potential problems are detected sooner. Enhanced communication also keeps things moving, eliminating bottlenecks in the designing and building phases.

We provide design and build services based on your needs

A-Line Construction specialises in design and build services for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, car dealerships and many other clients.

Because our clients liaise with only one company, they benefit from clear communication and the confidence that project requirements are met. There is continuity in the high standards that we adhere to throughout the project.

We ensure that our construction process is efficient and organised until the project handover. We are a SiteWise accredited company, which translates our excellence in Health and Safety Management.

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