Construction services that we offer

At A-Line we provide complete project management for our clients. By looking after both the design and construction we ensure that your project meets your brief and is cost effective in all aspects. Engaging A-Line in your project also means that it will be practically designed and built using our efficient processes, so that it is completed on time and within your budget.

Services involved in our project management are:

Initial Design
We collaborate with you to understand your project requirements and vision, and provide ideas and solutions that best utilise your space and fit your budget. Concept and location plans are provided, along with a fixed price quotation and a building specification manual.

Planning, Consents and Surveying
We use firms that provide accurate and up to date information about your site so that this stage of the project can be processed and efficiently as possible.

Quantity Surveying
If quantity surveying is required A-Line partners with QS teams to providing you extra piece of mind that we are delivering value on your project.

A-Line have formed excellent relationships with architects and we will select registered, practical and proven architects that suit your project, to ensure that you get the best result.

A-Line engages registered and certified Geotech, structural, services, fire, and acoustic engineers to help in finer details of your project. It is critical to ensure that requirements are met without spending unnecessary money on systems that, if designed cleverly and correctly, can provide good savings and more efficient construction without compromising on quality.

Demolition and Asbestos Removal
All demolition is carried out according to Worksafe Codes of Practise Guidelines and we use registered asbestos removal specialists who use safe removal procedures, certified testing and decontamination units.

Site Works and Civil
We have a great team that are experts in site works and civil construction. Services in this area include excavation, piling, drilling, retaining walls, concrete works, drainage, effluent disposal, storm water retention systems and landscaping.

General Construction
On our construction sites we use licensed and qualified carpenters who are proficient in concrete, steel and timber construction, as well as installing specialist cladding systems.

Concrete Construction
Types of concrete construction that we have used on our projects include precast panels, in situ concrete, specialist concretes and concrete masonry.

Land and Building Development

Going Design & Build With Our Team

With so many construction methods available it can often be confusing for customers as to what option to go with for their next project. At A-Line Construction we promote the Design & Build construction method as simply the best option in the building industry. You could say it is a relatively simple approach to construction, where a team works together with the client in clear communication and a focused partnership to gain successful results.

As every construction project has its own unique demands the Design & Build process means that we can tailor construction to meet all requirements while still ensuring quality, build-ability and, most importantly, being extremely cost effective. Our team’s ingenuity and problem-solver ability means we can work together with our clients to create environments that motivate and inspire. We believe that sitting at the same table with our clients is when great ideas are born, leading the way for innovative solutions that bring down costs, and make the construction more efficient and streamlined.

With the Design & Build method we have an especially consistent record of completing projects on time and within budget. One factor that contributes greatly to this is the communication. There is a clear channel between the client and us, meaning the client only has to communicate with one entity - A-Line. Also in our Design & Build projects we include all consent processing, consultant employment and keep our clients alongside throughout the whole construction. Because of these factors and our commitment to our clients we achieve very satisfactory project outcomes, resulting in A-Line Construction being involved in repeat business for national companies since 1993.

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Advantages of Design & Build:

  • Value for money

  • Streamlined processes: Producing quality results

  • Experience and expertise: Proven construction methods are used

  • Time savings: Efficient and effective

  • Clear communication: Open, honest and often

  • Total accountability

  • Everyone is on the same team: Working towards the same goal

  • Continuity: Involved with one team from start to finish

  • Collaboration: Client involvement is important

Our Process

Our 7 steps to our Design & Build process

A-Line Construction


Project Brief
A-Line Construction


Preliminary Design & Innovation
A-Line Construction


Proposal Agreement
A-Line Construction


Planning & Design Development
A-Line Construction


Working Drawings & Consents
A-Line Construction


A-Line Construction


Project Signoff & Successful Handover

Firstly we have the initial meeting with the client, discussing their needs and requirements so we can establish the project brief.


We then move onto the preliminary design stage, bringing our innovative skills to the fore, and present a value for money solution that fits the client’s brief, which is then approved.


Thirdly a full turn-key project proposal is presented to the client and after all questions have been answered this is accepted and the project progresses to the next stage.


We then work closely with our client developing ideas and attaining design development and planning approval.


The project's working drawings and consents are then processed and approved.



Construction. We keep our clients up to date with the project construction, providing reports and tracking the progress on the project timeline.


The project is signed off and all guarantees and manufacturers warranties are given to the client along with detailed as-build plans. This detailed documentation further safeguards your investment and you can have confidence in that quality of your design and build project. Lastly A-Line then hands over your new design and build project and you can cut the ribbon and get underway! Another A-Line Construction project completed on time and within budget!